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About Virtual Business Solutions

The Virtual Business Solutions all started from a crazy thought and desire to help businesses have quality executive assistance and event planning remotely. COVID-19 changed our world and everyone suddenly went remote and excellent jobs and workers suddenly were a myth.

I am crazy enough to believe that my 20 years of experience as an Executive Assistance and Events Planner can be an asset to a company. I do not have to take up space in your office. I have the tools and equipment and expertise to help you from my location.

What Am I Proficient In

I have worked for over 20 years in Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint Excel, Publisher, and many other Microsoft software.

Website Maintenance

Every company requires a website and every job that I have held has required me to help maintain the website. The websites I have maintained were pre-built before I was hired, but I have painted WordPress, Joomla, and Programmer Built Websites.

Google and Email

we are all aware that we need Google and email. I am proficient in G Suite, email maintenance, and campaigns. I extensively use constant contact and now starting to get more information and proficient in MailChimp.

Event Coordination and Planning

12 years ago when I was hired for my job I had no concept of what went into event planning. Now I do! I plan a small board meeting to week-long meeting of over 8,000 attendees. Over the years I have created my SOPs for each event and update them after each event. I create these from the floor up. From speaker travel, swag bags, hotel blocks, seating, catering, floral arrangements, media, advertisement, and so forth.

If you are interested in working with the best…..contact me!