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Books I’ve Fell In Love With…

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Book I’ve Fell In Love With…

For the last nine weeks, I have been very sick from stomach bacteria. During this the time I have had ample time to read, which is a favorite pastime of mine. With this said, I have a few amazing books I would like to share with you and highly recommend reading.

Please note that links to each book are below the image of each book.

From Sand and Ash: by Amy Harmon – this was the first book I read by this author and I am so glad I took the opportunity too. I binge read this book Labor Day! I just could not put this book down for hardly a minute. This WWII book is based on true events and characters. I am constantly amazed at the strength and resilience of the Jews during the holocaust. I will not give anything away, but if there is a book I would highly recommend you read, read this book! And after you finish reading it… Go to the authors website and watch her video about the launching of this book. It will have you in tears, well, more tears, after the book already will.

Sleek Beauty

Plenti: A Memoir of Food and Family: by Hannah Howard – This is another binge-worthy book. I read this book in a day and a half. Hannah exquisitely wrote a memoir of her family and life of her life as a chef and now food writer. I swear I could smell and taste the food she wrote and want to visit the restaurants she writes about in her book. I love Ace, want to visit Cafe Eloise, take a boat cruise, visit New York, eat more stinky cheese, and wept when she lost Sweet Pea. This is another must read book. She is another person to follow.


The Baker’s Secret: by Stephen P. Kiernan – Another WW II saga, but different from the view of Amy Harmon. This story is about how one girl kept a village from perishing of starvation with her baking bread for the Nazis, bootlegging, taking care of an American soldier in secret, and hiding Jews. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, laughing and crying and cheering her on one page at a time. As you can tell by now, I am hooked on WW II books. I am constantly amazed at their strength and fortitude.

The Beantown Girls: by Jane Healey – Yes, another WWII fictional book, but this one will make you laugh and cry and eat donuts and drink coffee. This is about single girls who went to the front and provided snacks and entertainment to American soldiers during the war. There are some sad stories and probably some authentic ruth to what was written I am sure. This was a pleasure to sit and read.


Choosing Charleson: by T. Lynn Ocean – Now before I leave you thinking all I read is heavy and dreary books that make you want to cry, here is a book that will make you laugh your head off. I laughed until I woke my husband up several times during the night. Ocean wrote about a Southern divorcee returning home to a typical crazy southern family and the journey she found waiting for her. I promise you will laugh your head off. I especially loved grandma.

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