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Under The Microscope

focused man working with female colleague in office
focused man working with female colleague in office

Many work environments are brimming with dissatisfaction and resentment. According to https://seedscientific.com/job-satisfaction-statistics, less than half of employees trust their company and more than one-half of employees are disengaged from their jobs. These are frightening statistics.

The statistic speaks for itself. If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with your job, you will disengage from your employer and work. It’s simply the truth. In any relationship, this occurs, so why should we expect any difference in our work relationship.

The dissatisfaction many people are dealing and struggling with is micromanaging employers. Webster’s dictionary defines the term Micromanager” as “A person who controls every part, however small, of (an enterprise or activity).”


When given a job to accomplish and then micromanaged, you end up resenting the boss. You do not have the motivation to try to do the work as well as you could have by yourself, squashes creativity, the thought process, and even creative solutions that you may have accomplished better if not being micromanaged.

Along with resenting the micromanager, you often get frustrated with the job and lose interest. Sleeping or sleepwalking through the work occurs. You lose the challenge, motivation, and joy of a job well done.

Facing the micromanaging job isn’t an easy feat. It is something to be dealt with delicately. How do you become assertive enough to speak up and say enough is enough? Stop micromanaging me! When facing this situation, think of a friendly way to talk to your boss or manager in a non-confrontational manner.


Confrontation never yields a good result. If you walk in and start accusing and show your frustration, it will automatically be recognized, shields will go up, and they will become confrontational back. The whole discussion will end in disaster.

Instead of walking in with a bad attitude and accusing, take some time to calm down, breathe, and come up with a friendly way to speak to this person. Explain how you feel and describe how you would like to move forward in the job. If you are working on a particular project, strategize creative solutions, and present this with a great attitude.

If none of these strategies work, then sit down and have an earnest and honest talk. Say how this is bothering you and how it makes you feel. I have found that most people, even bosses want your honesty and insights on their employees.

If faced with accusations and rudeness from the boss? Then, there is nothing left to do. You have a decision to make. I either work with this person fully aware of their traits and know you can handle the stress and micromanage, or it’s time to start looking for another position or another company.

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