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What Do You Do When Everything Is Going Wrong Part II

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What to do when everything is going wrong Part II

Today friends, I am back with part II of “what to do when everything is going wrong,”

I honestly wrote the first blog post internally thinking, gosh I hope things will not go wrong for Me. In the meantime, sooner than later, the “bad” things in life happened!

My husband and I had our months from June to July booked out fully. Trips to doctors, wedding anniversary trips, birthdays, and even a few bonus events, and we were excited to get on the road. However, life had other thoughts. Everything came to a screeching halt for us the third week of July when I was diagnosed with H. Pylori

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If you’ve ever experienced H Pylori, you would understand the gravity of sickness I have been experiencing. Three weeks into being sick, I still feel like a bulldozer ran over me! What I have experienced, I do not wish it on my worst enemy.

In the middle of the sickness came trouble with owning rental properties! A tenant moved out, a tree fell. The tree cost nearly the going rate of a black market kidney to get it removed. The following week another tree fell at another property, and we may be donating our lungs for the second tree..

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With this, all said, the stress and worry have grown to a monumental level. We have been worrying about what to do. How do we solve the problems

The key for us was to quietly sit down in our bedroom; with a notebook and calendar and write out a budget and specifically plan the future. When we wrote everything down on paper and calendar elements started becoming a clearer picture. It helped the stress to decrease and start easing a fraction.

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Through the stress and chaos, I’ve come to realize that no man is an island. You need someone to help you, give you wise counsel. You need your spouse to lean on and depend on to help when you aren’t your best.

What are some ways you cope with stress and strain when things are going awry in your life? Drop comments below or send an email.

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