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Are You Breathing In Toxic Chemicals?

Waterless Diffuser by Guru Nanda

What is a Waterless Diffuser?

Thank you to Guru Nanda for generously supplying this article on essential oils and how to prevent Toxic Chemicals in the home. I personally use Guru Nanda and love their oils and diffusers.

The Waterless Mist Pluggy by Guru Nanda is a one-of-a-kind essential oil diffuser that uses nebulizing technology to diffuse 100% pure essential oils without any added water! Just plug in to any standard wall outlet and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits.

Q: How does it work?
A: This essential oil diffuser requires no heat and no water giving you the ultimate aromatherapy experience. Nebulizing technology makes this possible by using a pressurized air stream to break down the essential oils into micro-sized particles and diffuse them into the air. Since no water is used, nebulizing technology maximizes the therapeutic effects of essential oil without adding moisture or affecting the purity of the essential oils.

Q: How do I attach the essential oil bottle to the Waterless Mist Pluggy?

Step 1: Open oil bottle (NOT INCLUDED) and remove dripper plug.

Step 2: Twist the diffuser onto the oil bottle until tight.

Step 3: Replace cap onto the diffuser

Step 4: Press center button to turn on and that’s it! Enjoy aromatherapeutic benefits for up to 4-weeks of uninterrupted run-time.

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