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Being An Executive Assistant – Part I

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If you are an executive assistant, you will find that your job may not be the most thrilling adventure you will ever work in your career. Being an executive assistant is sometimes the most customer service-driven job you can have. It’s all about serving others!

The truth is you end up exhausted from taking care of others and not yourself and your family. You work eight hours a day doing for your boss, and by 5:00 pm, you don’t have the motivation to be the same person for your family. Being mentally, emotionally, and physically drained from the day, all you want to do is get home, take a hot shower, put your pajamas on and not answer a phone or text.

One thing you must remember that as an executive assistant is all about your service to the boss, the timely manner in which you complete your work, and the accuracy of your work. Your job relies on how fast and how detailed you are with the small things.

Your job will not always be glamorous. You are going to have to do tasks that you will not want to do. You will have to make phone calls, deliver messages you do not want to give, sit on the phone, listen to people rant and rage, run errands and do chores for your boss.

Keep in mind; you are a “behind the scenes” the second arm, assistant, lifesaver, or his or her girl or guy Friday.

As an executive assistant, I’ve been woken up at midnight to send out an email to cancel an event, worked for weeks because of hurricanes, and worked twelve hours a day for an event. Why did I do all of this? It was my job! What what I do when these events occurred? I woke up and sent emails out, canceled events, caterers, all speakers, and would go back to bed a few hours later while my phone and email went crazy. I would sleep a few hours, get up, go to work, and complete my duties.

Keep an open mind, be creative, and create quality business contacts. Keep an open mind. You will come across many situations that will go against the grain of how you would typically handle a situation or project. Be creative. Many times problems arise, and you don’t know how to solve them in a traditional method. Approach problems creatively. Be creative in your approach. Create Business Contacts during your career. You will have more than more one job; you will need quality contacts. Have quality business contacts that you glean from and use. Over 20 years of employment, I have used some business contacts and vendors because I know they produce first-rate products. Those are the contacts you want to keep. Even if you move to a different state, you can still you the same vendors and contacts.

While reading this you may ask? How can I be a great executive assistant? Here are a few tips.

  1. Be at work on-time
  2. Have a good attitude
  3. Complete your work
  4. Pay attention to details
  5. Be accurate in your work
  6. Complete your work on-time
  7. Have an open mind
  8. Come up with creative ideas to problems
  9. Create quality business contacts
  10. Keep emails, texts, and records of correspondence of instructions

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