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Managing Migraines at Work

female student suffering from headache in library
Managing Migraines at Work

For the past three years, I have suffered from migraines, and at times the pain can become overwhelming. I have cried, thrown up, worked through the pain, passed out, and worked in the dark.

My migraines stem from Spinal Stenosis and Schormls Nod. When the nerves become inflamed it causes incredibly painful migraines. I have tried most pain medications on the market and only a few work and the few that perform. Combined with medicine I also have Botox treatment every three months to help numb the nerves every three months, which is a godsend. Through all this, I’m in finding I have to be careful. These medicines make me sick or put me to sleep for hours, so I have to catch the headaches quickly when I feel one coming on.

As you’ve read through my blog you have seen that I’m an events coordinator. And when you come to the discussion of what migraine auras are, well, I seem to be in a crazy business because my auras are bright lights, loud music, loud noises, large crowds, cloudy and rainy weather.

A large conference will put me in bed for at least three days. I take my regular daily and nightly medicine and take a few rescue medicines with me, just in case. and then I drink coffee all day to help me make it through. If it gets bad, I’m no to my office, turn the light off and I have a few things that I do to help calm my head down and then continue until I can make it home and take my evening medicine and crash.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I use to help me make it through the day at work when I have a bad migraine. I hope this will help you.

  • Essential Diffuse and Peppermint Oil – I keep my diffuse running with peppermint oil every day. Not only does it smell good, but it is proven to help with headaches and migraines. When my head seems to be bursting at the seams, I take a little oil rub it on the back of my neck and my temples at my hairline. It helps to ease the pain bit.
Peppermint Oil
Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones and Noise Canceling Earpods – Because sounds at an event can be so loud I often pack headphones and earpods with me. I even bring them with me to doctor’s offices. Doctor’s offices can be one of the worst places that will start a headache for me. It is so loud and noisy. When a migraine peaks I put on headphones, tune into a personal selected Pandora station and listen. Somehow it helps lessen the pain. Noise cancelling headphones has been a lifesaver for me. I never leave home with out a pair.
Veatool Wireless Bluetooth E
Active Noise Cancelling Headphones.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – Most migraine medicines have tremendous amounts of caffeine in them. With all the caffeine running through your body, you need to remember to replenish your body with water. I tend to be horrible at this. As an avid coffee fan, I tend to not eat and drink coffee all day and end up with horrible headaches. If I will stop and drink water and eat a snack, it will help stop the headache. Hate drinking water? Add Propel to your water. Drink out of a funky container, but do whatever it takes to drink more H20. Water will help migraines!

Rest and Sleep – Rest and sleep are one of the best things that a person suffering from migraines can do! If you keep going on no sleep, no rest, and just on meds, the pain will get worse and you will end up in urgent care or an emergency room. Trust me! I did!

Hot Epson Salt Bath – I love a hot bath, but when I have a migraine, it’s imperative that I have a Dr. Teal’s Epson Salt Bath. The combination of go water and the epson salt relaxes me and my head. In combination with the bath salts I also enjoy using the Dr. Teal’s mint body wash. If my neck is hurting I use this on my neck and it will help calm the pain along with the hot water and salt.

Dark Rooms -There is nothing like like laying in a cool quiet dark room to soothe a beast of a headache. But, unfortunately, if you are at work, that’s not always possible. To my good fortune, I’m have my own office and have figured out a way to help that issue. I close my door and turn out all the lights. Lamps and a few flawless candles and my monitors are all that give off lights.

If all of this is not working and rescue med are not working, I go home. Have pushed myself passed this? Definitely! But, over the years I’m learning it’s not worth it because it makes it harder to recover, pulse some medicines give me rebound headaches, which I will cover in another blog soon.

If you have tips, tricks, or comments, please feel free to comment! I’m like to hear from other people who suffer from the same pain as I do!

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