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Toxic Work Environments Part II

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Toxic Work Environment Part II

Hello friends, I am back again with Toxic Work Environments II. Many employees work day after day and year after year in toxic work environments and looking for a way out. And sad to say there is not an easy way out.

The question is…How do you survive a toxic work environment? How do I survive eight hours in a place I do not want to be and accomplish work I do not want to do with people I do not like?

1st step – Instead of focusing on all of the hate and miserableness – concentrate on the job! What you received out of your job? You get a paycheck, insurance, paid sick leave, vacation, and 401k. I get the advantage of every perk the job offers. I go to work, go to my desk, and work. I don’t socialize and get caught up in office politics. At lunch, I make it a goal to go out to a park or drive somewhere to eat lunch and leave as soon as it time to leave. Do not make friends. Stop caring. When you socialize, you keep up the socializing and keep up the gossiping and the craziness you are enabling the toxicity. This technic may sound a little rude and rough around the edges, but it cuts down the politics of the job. If the coworkers cannot draw you into the mess, they will leave you alone.

2nd step – Start searching for another job. Beef up your resume. Start searching on Indeed, LinkedIn, and every job board you can find. Ask friends, family members, contacts you have made through the years, and even do freelance jobs. Also, go through a few self-paid training programs to learn new skills that would help you. LinkedIn and Coursea have courses that will help you learn new skills. Why not earn certificates that can help you beef up your resume. Do what you need to do to get a new job.

3rd Step – Stir the Pot – Many people are afraid to stir the pot at their job. People are scared to speak up and say what they do not like or what is not right, but how will change ever come if you do not speak up. I am guilty of not saying what I do not like or going along with policies or rules. But, after COVID, sickness, and a few other instances, I started speaking up. I’ve had to walk into my boss’s office and say, this is not working. We need to see if we can revise this policy or the way to do this. When I laid out my reason they were made aware they were more willing to work with me.

4th Step – Attitude – Attitude is everything. No one wants to work with someone with a rank attitude. And honestly, a toxic work environment tends to bring out a bad attitude in me. I have to choose my “Logos” attitude. I can choose to show a bad attitude, and it rubs off on everyone, and the whole office is in a funk. or I can “personally” not like things, but have a pleasant attitude and be kind and friendly and how my parents use the idiom, “kill them with kindness.” And you will be surprised how far you will get with kindness than a bad attitude.

No matter how bad your work environment, remember that someone in the world has it worse than you. Also, remember that you can do something about it! You aren’t stuck.

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