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On Being Honest


In recent years I’ve answered several interview questions that included, is honesty always the best policy? And for a while, I wanted to make that to be a gray area. Not meaning I want to lie, but I wanted to be nice to people and not hurt their feelings.

Does this outfit look okay? Sure it does. Yes, you look okay. Could you have done a few things to enhance that outfit? Yes, you look okay. I’m technically not lying, but I’m not going to be ugly and hurt someone’s feelings either..

However, after a few experiences, bumps, bruises, and some experiences later, I’ve come to realize that even though honesty is harsh, most people want honesty. Whether the truth is cold, hard to swallow, they still want the truth. People want to learn and grow from their certainty.

By nature, I am a people pleaser. I like people to like me and make people feel good, so I do not like to intentionally make people feel bad or say something that would make them feel bad about themselves. After experience in business, I firmly believe there can be no gray area. There only can be black and white.

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