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Stop Doing This

Procrastinating – Wow! This one hit me between the eyes! I am such a horrible procrastinator when it comes to tasks at home, not at work! I always find myself saying, I will do that tomorrow, or I will do that next week, yet when tomorrow or next week gets here, I’ve still not completed the task. When the deadline comes, I am constantly scrambling to get the job done! Why don’t I get up and do it? It would be when the deadline gets here. Now, I know I’m not the only one who does this. We, procrastinators, need to unite and start in un-procrastinating! 

Living In The Past – My friends, yesterday has come and gone and today is a new day. Living in the past is no longer an option. And the adage is true, “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” Living in the past has never helped anyone. I hear people say in business, we have always done it this way, well, unfortunately, today in this climate, living in last centuries business will no longer suffice. So, stop living in the past and embrace the future. This mentality can go for our lives as well. We will never get ahead in business or our lives if we continue to live in the past. We must continue to embrace the future.

Resisting Change – which goes hand in hand with living in the past. At this point in society and history, resisting is absurd. And, of course, this is a personal opinion. And I mean, resistance to updating business practices, technology, and modern thinking, and lifestyles. I do not mean to the core belief systems that one has political or spiritual. I do not go into spiritual or political beliefs on this blog. This blog promotes business.

Second Guessing Yourself – it never fails when you normally second-guessed your gut feeling you go wrong. Continually second-guessing yourself can give you a complex, give you low self-esteem, and cause others to doubt your decisions. Be brave, be bold, and give yourself credit. Your human! You will screw up and fail a million times or more, but give yourself a billion times to make the A-game move and make the billion dollars on the first guess! 

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