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Helpful Items For The Office Part II

I’m back with part two of office items that I need and enjoy. As the summer rolls around, so does my busy season. With this said, there are items that I need to make a busy summer season easier for me.

Hand Sanitizer – Mrs. Meyers Hand Sanitizer. This is a wonderful smell and a great option for for gift bags and for offices.

Memorial Day Snacks

Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones – when things get a little too loud around my office or I start getting a migraine I turn to these miracle workers. I’ve had these for almost two years and I’m in love. I charge them up and even sleep with them on tuned to my favorite Pandora station some nights. I bought mine in red!

Meko Stylus Pen – I’m a big iPad user and I like to use a pen. My husband found this set for me and I’m in love. It’s very economical and writes just as well as the pencil.

Harney and Sons Hot Tea – Sooner or later some speaker, singer, or someone sick is going to come to my office with no voice looking for something to help them feel better and this will help fit the bill. When I’m feeling under the weather this tea will help me feel better. I love this tea especially when it’s yucky cold outside. Harney and Sons tea just can’t be beaten!

Candy – Because candy makes everyone feel better and because the kids call me “The Candy Secretary”, I keep stashes of candy in my office. I often keep candy that I don’t like, but that everyone else likes so that I won’t eat it. Is that a pro tip? I cannot stand Jelly Beans, but everyone seems to love them so I keep a crystal vase full of them with a spoon for people to eat handfuls of them. People fight over licorice, coffee, popcorn, margarita, and cotton candy.

I’ll be back soon with Part III.

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