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Helpful Items For Your Office

stylish office supplies arranged on table

Over the years I have gathered a few items that I need in my office to help keep me productive. Of course, they need to be pretty, yet functional. Here are my favorites with a link you may purchase them from on Amazon.,

1. Happy Planner 18 Month Book – Someone recommended this to me on Facebook a couple of years ago and I picked one up and wow! Now I can’t live without one! I keep one with me every year.

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2. Tul Pens – Pens in an office is always an enigma. Everyone always has a favorite and if you take a favorite it’s close to a crime. Over the years I have had a few favorites, but I finally landed on my favorite of all times. Tul Gel Pens. I have them in multiple colors and I hide and keep them like a horder.

Some of the best coffee ever!

3. Desk Calendar – I need calendars everywhere to help keep me on track for events. A lot of times I jot notes down For a specific date when I am on the phone. A desk calendar is a godsend to me. The one linked below is the exact one of my desk.

4. Aromatherapy Diffuser – Aromatherapy has so many advantages, especially in an office. Peppermint can help with headaches, Thieves for colds and flu likes symptoms, lemon and grapefruit for uplifting and cleaning the air. You can use these oils topically or orally if you know how to safely. Linked below is the diffuser I keep.

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5. Need to refresh your office whether it’s in office or remote. Here are some ideas from Amazon. https://amzn.to/3w1XHQn. Refresh your office supplies and equipment.

keep checking back. I will be adding more products I love to work with. Have a suggestion. Send me one!

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