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Toxic Work Environments-Part 1

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I’ve been there, and so have you! I believe anyone reading this blog has been there. The alarm goes off, and your stress level reaches a level ten as soon as you realize it is Wednesday and you have two days left in the week and you have to go to work. You have to make money to eat, pay a car note, pay rent, pay utilities, live, and survive. You feel like you are living in hell.

Toxic work environments are living and breathing hellish nightmares. The toxic work environment can be anything from a micromanaging boss, degrading coworker, horrible supervisor, sexual harassment, or a list of multiple things that we could go down.

Once in my career, I worked in a toxic environment, and I promised God, the sun, moon, and stars, if I ever got out, there I would never get into that environment again. I would never go back into a place where I would be taken for granted, hollered at, cursed, used as a maid, babysitter, and child care. I was not paid enough money in this world to endure that stress or torture. No human in their right mind should have endured that torture.

Years after I left that job, I met that boss in a store, and they said, “I’ve never had an assistant like you since you left. I have fired six people looking for another you, but have never found another you”. I thought to myself, “you won’t” because you won’t find another stupid person to endure your cruelness for as long as I did. I survived YOU too long!

I believe we start thinking once we get into a toxic work environment, we can never find another job. That is not correct. Look around you. Jobs are abundant. Even if you don’t have the best job skills, there are jobs available. Even if you have to go work at a restaurant, that would be better than the hell you are working now. I would rather have to scale my lifestyle down and be at peace than have to live in hell.

Toxic work environments will ruin relationships, self-esteem, self-worth, health, and other things. I remember gaining weight, ruining several good relationships, and even getting into several horrible relationships due to a toxic work environment. That environment was devastating me mentally, physically, and psychologically. I had to escape.

Just as a relationship. If a relationship or friendship is causing you physical, mental, or emotional abuse, you get out immediately! The same goes for a toxic work environment. Do not sit day after day, week after week, or year after year in an environment taking torture that you do not deserve.

Money is not worth the pain, and that job is not the only job in the world. It took a long time for me to realize that. It took many nights of tears and crying to realize that. It was not until I had left that job and was into a new career that I realized I would never let myself be abused that way again.

Thank you for reading part one of toxic work environments. I will be back soon with more posts and visiting bloggers contributing to toxic work environments.


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