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Remote Executive Assistants

Have you ever thought that your next assistance may not be outside your office door, instead they may be 100s of miles away?

Since COVID-19, many people have turned to remote work. Many news outlets are reporting that by the year 2025, more jobs will be online and remote than brick and mortar jobs. That means your Executive Assistant could be several states away!

This fact excites me!

I have been an executive assistant for over 20 years. The daily commute back and forth to the office has been a drudge. Traffic often brings stress, road rage, overthinking, forgetfulness, and stress headaches. And it can lead to frequently thinking of all the things you could do for you and your family at home.

But, what if you could accomplish both whiles at home.

In my opinion, there are so many upsides to the remote work world. Now there are some downsides that many employers are worried about and we can all agree.

If you are not a self-starter, tend to procrastinate, and cannot be accountable, then maybe remote work is not for you, but for those who are self-starters, are not procrastinators, and can be responsible remote work may be for you.

What are your thoughts about remote work?

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