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The Virtual Business Solution is a remote executive assistant and event planning agency. We offer quality service with over twenty years of experience.

Services We Offer

We offer quality, professionalism, and knowledge in all aspects of C-Level Executive Assistance and Event Planning…

Social Media Marketing is a today!. We offer email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media management, website updating, and other social media channel monitoring and assistance.

Event Planning is our specialty. We have planned events from small board meetings, luncheons, conferences, and events of over 8,000 people. We are brain for your upcoming event.

Why You Will Love Us

There has never been a better time to hire a remote worker! Did you know, according to statistics, that more businesses will be virtual by 2025?

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8 Creative Ways To Express Gratitude

Thank you to Grammarly for this awesome article… Expressing gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, cherish good experiences, and think more deeply about what they have rather than what they lack. If someone in your life selflessly does something for you and you want to express gratitude, common expressions of thanks might not seem like enough. If…

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How Grammarly Helps You Learn to Write for Post-Grad Life

If college graduation is on the horizon, you’re probably looking toward the future with a mix of excitement and nervousness. The good news is all your hard work in the college has set you up to hit the ground running at the start of your new career. No matter the industry you’re heading into, the skills you’ve…

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4 Essential Types of Writing Styles

Thank you, Grammarly for this informational article on writing styles… Seasoned writers each have their own distinct methods and approaches that set their writing apart from others. An author’s writing style is the culmination of all the unique techniques, habits, and choices they make.  Because it’s so abstract and fluid, writing style can be difficult…

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